150W 12V Defrost Fog Air Car Heater 1.5m Power Cord length 3 Adjustment Switches

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Name: Car Heater
Color: black and white
Power: 150W
Voltage: 12V
Power cord length: 1.5m
Material: ABS & alloy
Function: auxiliary heat, defrost and fog
– Circulating air, using air flow to supply air.
– ABS heat resistant material, high temperature does not burst.
– The core of the iron mouth is blown with strong wind.
– Small appearance does not block the line of sight, rest assured to drive.
– 180° rotation, warm air supply.
– Two different gear out of the wind, to cope with a variety of different temperature climate.
– Automatic heating, hot switch, user-friendly design, with handle, less energy saving, low noise, no open flame, no damage to the battery, safe and reliable;
– With 3 adjustment switches (Fan/Off/Heat) for easy operation.
– Hot and cold dual function, high temperature cooling port, fast heating, convenient heating;
– Plug and play, the base can be placed on non-slip mat or double-sided tape, just plug it into the car’s cigarett e lighter and open it.
Package included:
1 x Car Heater