150W Power Inverter Car DC 12V To 220V AC Cigarette Lighter Adapter Dual USB

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To convert 12V DC input to 220V AC output, and keep 150W continuous output power.
Appliances(laptop ,iPad, cell phone, portable audio etc.small low power device) can be plug in the AC output socket.
2 x USB DC port, 2 x AC output socket,1 x 12V DC input.

Scope Of Use:
1.Car office: portable computer, digital camera, camera, mobile phone, interphone and so on.
2.Emergency lighting: Troubleshooting in the night, reading in the car, working lighting and so on.
3.Professional application: geological exploration, petroleum mining, news interview, hospital, vehicle engineering protection etc.
4.Home Furnishing: civil emergency, picnic tents, lake and sea fishing, car play TV and VCD portable machine etc.
5.Military public security: field operation, special task, convenient maneuver, portable and portable.
6.Medical first aid: medical equipment, rescue equipment and so on.

Package Included:
1 X Power Inverter