KALOAD 12V Men Women Abdominal Muscle Exerciser + Arm Muscle Exerciser Fitness Muscle Trainer Stimulator

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Product name: Abdominal Muscle Exerciser
Material: PU
Weight: 212g
Size: 23*21*3cm/9.1*9.3*1.2inch
Voltage: 1.5V
Color: Pink/Black(optional)
Operating mode: A-F(6 mode)
Operating intensity: 9
Battery capacity:2x Seventh battery
– Three technology,larger coverage,stronger excitability,close skin GEL conduction patch.
– EMS intelligent chip makes muscle natural excitability come true.
– High quality PU material is close to skin,and it is suitable for general skin all the time.
– Purified sliver wet print,making the current transmit more uniform,making you more comfortable.
– Equipped with high quality GEL,closer to your skin,both odorless and cleaner.
– If you want to become a man/woman full of abdominal muscle,if you want to become healthier,go and choose our Abdominal Muscle Exerciser.

Package included:
1x Abdominal Muscle Exerciser
2x Arm Muscle Exerciser
1x Manual