QI 10W Wireless Direct Charger Air Outlet Smartphone without Wobble Noisy Car Phone Holder

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Name: Car Wireless Charger
Material: ABS
Applicable to: generalpurpose
Whether there is an indication function: there is an indication function
Color: black
Number of joints: single head
Top 10 protection: overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, overpower protection, short-circuit protection, automatic power cut protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, recovery protection, electromagnetic field protection.
– Intelligent sensing camera.The product comes with two infrared cameras for faster sensing and wider range.
– No sound. More fluid. Precise design, smoother and louder.
– Do not block the view, safe driving. Installed in the outlet position, does not block the line of sight, improve the safety factor.
– Infrared sensor, automatic identification. Close to the mobile phone, clip arm automatically open, put on the mobile phone, clip arm automatically tighten, automatic telescopic, single-hand operation, firmly fixed. 
– Touch button, easy to take out. Gently touch the button and the clamping arm will automatically open.
– Fully automatic intelligent induction control.
– Single hand operation, easy to take and put, safe and reliable.
– 10W high efficiency. Dual modes of 5V, 7.5v and 9V, adaptive mobile phone charging with high efficiency.
– Faster wireless charging. Aurora glass surfaces charge faster.
Package included:
1 x Car Wireless Charger(No bracket)